Spark Plug Replacement North Raleigh Wake Forest NC

Spark Plugs Wake Forest North Raleigh

ReDrive Auto Repair Is The Place To Keep Your Vehicle Running

Spark plug problems can be disruptive and very expensive. Most service centers will keep your car for days and weeks and will charge you thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle.

We make your spark plug replacement experience in easy and painless while focusing on quality service and quick turn around, while saving you up to 50% on parts and labor! Whatever we pay for parts, that’s what we’ll charge you, plus the cost of labor. Simply put, we offer great service while saving you time and money!

A motor vehicle registered in the state of NC must pass an annual safety inspection (and emissions if required) no more than 90 days before the vehicle’s license plate and registration expires. During a safety inspection, our licensed mechanic examines the vehicle’s:

-Headlights & Accessory Lights
-Foot Brake & Parking Brake
-Steering & Directional Signals
-Rearview Mirror
-Windshield Wipers
-Exhaust System
-Window Tint (if applicable)

Have your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles according to your vehicle’s operating manual. At these regular intervals a regular oil change will consist of:

-Drain old oil and replace with new regular or synthetic oil
-Replace oil filter
-Check air/cabin filters and recommend replacement when needed
-Complete multi-point inspection
-Rotate tires

We’ll see you again for your next oil change!

General Maintenance Services

Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle will save you time and money in the future. Don’t let a small problem turn into a big headache. Let REDRIVE make life easier for your car and your wallet.

-Check and replace Belts and -Hoses
-Filters and Fluid Services
-Lights and Wipers
-Shocks and Struts
-Tune Ups
-Timing Belt
-Tire Repair & Rotation

Are you experiencing any of these tell-tale signs of brake trouble? Get it checked out before you’re in trouble!

-A high-pitched squeak when braking
-Shaking or vibration when braking
-Having to use more pressure to brake than you normally would
-A scratching or grinding sound – this may be an indicator of a brake or bearing concern and needs to be checked immediately!

Engine / Transmission Replacment

Starting at $650 for labor plus the cost of parts. We use low mileage engines and transmissions accompanied by a warranty (see our mechanic for details). These are acquired at wholesale prices and we then pass those savings along to our customers.

Low cost and quick turnaround!

Save money on major repairs such as:

-AC System Service and Repair
-ABS Repair
-Check Engine Light
-Electrical Diagnosis/Repair
-Head Gaskets
-Oil Leaks
-Starting issues
-Timing Chain/Water Pump Repair

Friendly Auto Service and Spark Plug Repair Near Me In Wake Forest & North Raleigh

Our auto sales and repair shop is conveniently located near at 7409 Louisburg Rd. Staffed with ASE-certified technicians, ReDrive auto is the place to go to get your car fixed right!

We provide all manner of auto services and repairs from NC State Safety Inspections, spark plugs, and oil changes all the way to major repairs like engine and transmission replacement. Give us a call today for all your car repair needs!

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